Experts in Commercial Solar Power Brisbane

At SOLAR HYBRIDS we are industry leading, Brisbane based commercial solar power and energy storage experts. With proven commercial solar experience with numerous well-known organisations, you can trust us to design & install a quality system with only the highest quality proven equipment from well-known trusted brands with real warranties. We offer free commercial solar quotes for Brisbane, including system design. We specialise in not only providing full turnkey solutions from engineering design through to construction right across Qld, but also converting existing power systems such as diesel generators or grid connected solar systems into hybrid solar systems (adding batteries and solar). Our approach is simple; our engineers analyse your existing infrastructure as a well as your electricity bill & meter data in order to customise a solution that delivers the maximum results for your business or organisation. Our experienced commercial solar sales representatives together with support from our in-house RPEQ engineering team will provide you with an industry-best system design & proposal, and will explain the highly detailed technical features and financial analytics in order for you to make an informed decision based on the science presented, without all the sugarcoating.

Commercial Solar Power Brisbane

Based at Kallangur on the north side of Brisbane, we are a highly experienced group of dedicated solar PV professionals who are passionate about renewable energy and have been working together in this industry for over a decade. Amongst our staff we have accredited RPEQ engineers, Clean Energy Council accredited solar designers & installers, and qualified project managers which means we are able to tackle even the most challenging of commercial solar projects, be it large-scale grid-connected, hybrid solar / battery storage, off-grid solar or even remote area standalone power systems. By coupling our expertise with the best proven equipment with secure warranties from long-standing manufacturers, you can be assured that not only will you be getting the best industry professionals to design and install your highest quality solar system, but you will also have service and tech support until its life-end.

Over the past two years we have designed and delivered an impressive portfolio of renewable energy and battery storage projects of various technologies across Australia for many well-known businesses and organisations such as Universities and Government Departments:

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