Our Mission

To optimise our position as a safe, sustainable, significant and respected provider of renewable energy services to people and businesses looking to secure a healthier, brighter future for generations to come.

Our Vision

To improve environmental and commercial outcomes with respect to the renewable energy sector across Australia by employing and training highly motivated and skilled people in a profitable, reliable and versatile energy construction business.

Every decision we make in the business is based on our underlying values:

  • Safety

    We strive to maintain a harm-free workplace in the provision of our services and foster a culture of safety that extends beyond the workplace.

  • Sustainability

    We shall be aware of the potential environmental consequences of our operations. We will employ sustainable practices that eliminate or minimise our environmental impact whilst meeting social expectations and supporting economic growth.

  • Lead by example

    We will incorporate innovative development that supports continual improvement in our business operations to demonstrate industry best practice.

  • Client focus

    We will meet or exceed client agreed expectations. We support endeavours to achieve uncompromising standards and build staff participation.

  • Communication

    We will encourage and demonstrate open, honest and clear communication internally as well as with clients, business partners, stakeholders, industry associates and community members.

  • Price

    We will price our services and products to represent value for money for our clients and help us remain competitive in the open market. Our pricing will ensure profitability so that we can continue to benefit expansion, training, and the development of technology.

  • Ethical

    We behave professionally and ethically at all times in the knowledge that our actions build our reputation.