Enphase IQ Batteries are built on a distributed architecture platform. This modular and flexible design means you can build the right size system quickly and easily expand the system with compatible batteries as your energy needs grow. When paired with solar using Enphase IQ8 Series Microinverters, there are no solar and battery sizing restrictions. The IQ Battery 5P offers wall and floor mount options with left, right, and rear conduit entry for a clean, finished look. Back up power can also be supplied to essential loads in the event of a grid outage. Enphase batteries have a market leading 15 year limited warranty up to 6,000 cycles.



With 9.7kWh of storage, the SolarEdge Home Battery sets new standards for system efficiency, safety and ease of use. Designed to work seamlessly with SolarEdge inverters, the battery delivers industry-leading 94.5% roundtrip system efficiency using direct DC coupling. SolarEdge Home Battery is one of the first residential batteries to pass the strictest UL9540A unit level test for fire safety hazards, allowing convenient indoor installations. Couple the battery with a SolarEdge inverter which, can be oversized by 200% (DC) ensuring plenty of excess solar can be sent to your batteries for use after hours. A separate back up interface can be incorporated to provide power when the grid goes down.


For larger and higher voltage off grid projects it is hard to go past SelectCell. The SelectCell battery system completes the Selectronic Eco System by providing a fully integrated Multi-mode Inverter, Battery storage and Power Control Cabinet (PCC) solution. Suitable for high peak power and large energy storage applications, the SelectCell battery system brings together new levels of integration and performance. This modular lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery system can be configured to perfectly complement the 120V SP PRO battery inverters for energy capacities from 40kWh – 1MWh. This storage option was formed out of a partnership of two high quality brands, Cegasa batteries based in Spain and Selectronic inverters based right here in Australia.


Rounding out our storage options are the highly reputable BYD batteries with the HV and LV range which we primarily use for residential grid connect and small off grid applications. The cobalt free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery from BYD guarantees maximum safety, life cycle, and power. The robust chemistry and universal design can work in a wide range of temperatures and areas around the world. BYD have a great reputation for after sales service and battery reliability as they have been one of the longest performing battery manufacturers in the sector. They are a backed by a very large customer base and well diversified parent company with their EV’s, public transport and Electronics divisions.