Tired of giving away your excess solar electricity to the grid for next to nothing?Add batteries to solar

Add Batteries to a Commercial Solar System


Who says you need the grid? If your business already has solar panels and you are thinking of adding batteries to your commercial solar system, then SOLAR HYBRIDS can help by analysing the feasibility and economics of converting to a solar hybrid system. A well designed commercial scale solar hybrid system with batteries can serve many useful purposes that may save money for your business in various ways; find out how by visiting our Commercial Solar Hybrid Systems page.

The way we think about grid electricity is changing rapidly, thankfully, so too is the technology available to use electricity in a smarter way, a more appropriate way and a way that you choose. There are many options now available. Not all solar hybrid systems (grid connected solar systems with batteries) are designed to operate during a grid outage (black-out). We specialise in true hybrid solar systems which operate in off-grid mode during a grid outage, giving you total flexibility and peace of mind. In addition we only offer proven technology designed for the Australian grid, so your system will be the most robust and reliable on the market.

If you are looking to escape from increasing electricity prices, avoid blackouts, and take control over your power for your organisation, farm or business, then talk to us; we will find a solution that is best for you. Watch the videos below to learn more about how solar hybrid systems work.

Visit the Selectronic Solar Hybrid webpage to learn more about the equipment we offer.

Case Studies

Off Grid - QLD Government Konomie Island

14.4 kW Caring Medical - PV & Back Up Power

31kW - Qld Department of Education

Off Grid Solar - Queensland Government - Remote Area Power Systems

The University of Queensland – 226kW School of Pharmacy

Queensland University of Technology – 307kW Kelvin Grove Campus

Australian Government – Outback Power Program

King's College -100kW

Off Grid Solar System - Private Residence - Scenic Rim, Qld

Off-Grid Solar - Mudgeacca Station – Boulia, QLD

Excel Lockers – 91kW

Hillbrook Anglican School – 91kW