In January 2017 SOLAR HYBRIDS designed, installed and commissioned an off-grid solar power systems for the remote Mudgeacca cattle station in Boulia, west Qld. The solar system runs in conjunction with the station’s diesel generator, saving an approximate 6,800 litres of diesel per annum. The 101kWh energy storage bank is made of high quality American made Absolyte sealed AGM batteries, allowing a night-time eerie silence to the otherwise noisy genset background hum of days past. The 15kWp PV array is divided evenly across an east-west shed roof, and is AC coupled to the high-tech Australian made Selectronic SP PRO inverter charger via 3 x ABB inverters which have been modified by Selectronic under licence agreement with ABB, to allow intelligent communications with the SP PRO. This enables system redundancies, greater control, and a more efficient use of the available solar energy than an old-style DC coupled system.

This project required a diverse set of attributes and skills, and posed various challenges including rural and remote working conditions. Nonetheless, the Solar Hybrids team designed the system, procured the components, and project-managed the build from start to finish, ensuring a successful implementation of the highest quality system with minimal disruption to the station’s operations.

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