A ‘Hybrid Ready’ or Battery Ready’ solar power system is a loosely defined term, as all grid connected solar systems have some degree of hybrid readiness (the ability to add energy storage to the existing solar system). How a grid connected solar system will interact and operate with any additional storage system added in the future is, however, the key to designing a fit-for-purpose ‘hybrid ready’ system. There are many design considerations, including:

  • Will there be sufficient excess solar energy to store from the initial sized solar array?
  • Will there be sufficient roof space to add additional solar panels in order to obtain the excess solar energy needed to warrant the expenditure of adding an energy storage system?
  • Does the client require the system to work during a grid outage (black out), as many solar hybrid systems are not capable of this?
  • If the system must operate during a grid outage, must all of the site loads operate, and for how long must they operate?
  • Is a true Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) required for a grid outage, or is a 5 sec delay acceptable?
  • Is a manual changeover switch acceptable for a grid outage?

All of these considerations plus many more must be weighed up during the design of the initial PV solar system, otherwise you might be disappointed with the outcome when you eventually upgrade your system with energy storage.

If installing a solar system with the purpose of adding batteries in the future is something that may interest you, talk to us first; we are the solar and energy storage experts!

Case Studies

Off Grid - QLD Government Konomie Island

14.4 kW Caring Medical - PV & Back Up Power

31kW - Qld Department of Education

Off Grid Solar - Queensland Government - Remote Area Power Systems

The University of Queensland – 226kW School of Pharmacy

Queensland University of Technology – 307kW Kelvin Grove Campus

Australian Government – Outback Power Program

King's College -100kW

Off Grid Solar System - Private Residence - Scenic Rim, Qld

Off-Grid Solar - Mudgeacca Station – Boulia, QLD

Excel Lockers – 91kW

Hillbrook Anglican School – 91kW