A commercial solar hybrid system is a grid connected commercial solar system with batteries. A well designed commercial scale solar hybrid system can serve many useful purposes and save your business money in many ways such as:

Peak lopping

Peak Lopping in a Commercial Solar Hybrid System

Electricity charges come in many different forms. In commercial applications, it is common for the bulk of electricity charges to be based on the site’s peak demand (shown as kVA on your electricity bill). A commercial solar system with batteries utilises an intelligent inverter charger to allow additional load capacity to come from the battery rather than the electricity grid. When demand reduces, the battery will be recharged ready for the next peak demand event. Peak demand charges can be significantly reduced with this type of system setup.

Grid Support

The same system as used for Peak Lopping can be used to support a grid which has insufficient supply capacity. To add additional capacity to a grid, particularly a rural grid, can be very expensive. Additional capacity is easily supplied by incorporating battery storage and an intelligent inverter charger. Whenever the AC load demand is above the grid capacity, additional energy comes from the inverter charger and batteries. Solar can be added to these systems for additional support.

Battery backup

Reliability of grid electricity is affected by many factors including road accidents and natural disasters, which can have devastating effects. Not all solar hybrid systems can work during a grid outage. Ours can! Our Solar Hybrid solution solves this issue by autonomously powering on through grid outages, without delay; you might not even notice there has been a grid outage! Your solar power will continue to be used by your loads and any excess sent to the batteries for later use. If you experience an extended outage, an optional Generator controller can be installed to control an Auto Start generator that will only start when the batteries are depleted.

Saving the sun for a rainy day… (or night)

If your business uses a high amount of energy outside of peak daylight hours, relax; a commercial solar system with batteries will enable you to still enjoy the benefits and free energy from the sun. The excess solar energy during the day is simply stored in your battery bank and used when the sun has gone!

Energy usage with solar batteries

Commercial Solar System with batteries

If designed correctly by a trained and experienced engineer, a commercial solar hybrid system will last for many years and provide you with all of the above benefits and more; the possibilities are almost endless. Tell us what you want your solar system to be able to do, and we will design a fit-for-purpose system for you; we are the solar hybrid specialists. Contact us today.


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