When building their dream home on a rural property in the Scenic Rim, just south of Ipswich, the owners were faced with either paying an exorbitant amount to the government to get their dirty coal-fired grid brought to the property, or install a clean quality off-grid standalone solar power system. Needless to say, the choice was simple…

In June 2017 SOLAR HYBRIDS designed, installed and commissioned this state-of-the art off-grid solar power system, utilising the property’s newly constructed large shed to house the equipment, as well as its roof for the solar panels.

The solar system runs in conjunction with the property’s 6kVA Kubota diesel generator which was also supplied and installed by SOLAR HYBRIDS. The solar generation with the backup batteries supplies approximately 14.7MWh per annum of clean electricity, saving over 4000 litres of diesel each year.

The 66kWh energy storage bank is made of high quality German made Sonnenschein sealed Gel batteries. The 9.2kWp PV array is comprised of high quality QCells solar panels, and is AC coupled to the high-tech Australian made Selectronic SP PRO inverter charger via 2 x ABB inverters which have been modified by Selectronic under licence agreement with ABB, to allow intelligent communications with the SP PRO. This enables system redundancies, greater control, and a more efficient use of the available solar energy than an old-style DC coupled system.

The Solar Hybrids team designed the system, procured the components, project-managed and built the system from start to finish, ensuring a successful implementation of the highest quality system, on-time and within budget. Months later the home owners experienced a rare fault with their Selectronic SP PRO inverter; here is what they had to say about this experience:

“My off-grid inverter unfortunately died on Christmas morning. I sent a text to the owner of the company, and he immediately called me to offer tech support! I had to use the system’s diesel generator as a backup for the next couple of weeks until the holiday period was over and they replaced the inverter, but Solar Hybrids reimbursed me for the diesel!!! I would have no hesitations in recommending Solar Hybrids to anyone considering going off grid with solar.”

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