Commercial Solar Systems Brisbane

A commercial solar power system differs largely from that of a residential solar system in terms of size, complexity and functionality. Unlike most small residential systems, additional strict measures for protection of the grid is a mandatory requirement. This usually entails additional export control hardware to automatically ramp down rapidly the instantaneous solar power production to match the fluctuating loads of the business. This is often necessary in order to prevent sudden and excessive solar energy exporting to the grid, which may otherwise cause grid voltage instability, a grid phenomenon refereed to by network engineers as ‘flicker’. For commercial solar systems greater than 30 kW, even more additional and complex hardware is required in the form of  what is known as Level 2 Network Protection. This incorporates the addition of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and contactor who’s role is to monitor grid fluctuations & instability and solar PV production, and to automatically disconnect the solar system from the grid in the event of any critical hardware failure within the system. Systems over 30 kW are usually mandated to be designed and signed off by a chartered electrical engineer (RPEQ in Queensland).

Good project management is essential to minimising disruption to our client’s business activities. At SOLAR HYBRIDS we are Brisbane based industry leading commercial solar and energy storage systems experts. We offer free commercial solar quotes. We specialise in providing full turnkey commercial solar systems from engineering design through to construction right across Qld, all performed in-house with our own team of highly experienced RPEQ engineers, Clean Energy Council accredited solar designers & installers, and qualified project managers. This ensures effective and stringent safety & quality controls for every step of the process from system design, installation and commissioning, through to ongoing performance monitoring, reporting and maintenance.

Our approach is simple; our engineers analyse your existing infrastructure as a well as your electricity bill & meter data in order to customise a solution that delivers the maximum results for your business or organisation. Our experienced commercial solar sales representatives together with support from the engineering team will provide you with an industry-best system design & proposal, and will explain the highly detailed technical features and financial analytics in order for you to make an informed decision based on the factual science presented, without the sugar-coating.

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We are a highly experienced group of dedicated solar PV professionals who are passionate about renewable energy and have been working together in this industry for over a decade. Over the past two years we have designed and delivered an impressive portfolio of renewable energy projects of various technologies in Brisbane and across Australia for many well-known businesses and organisations such as Universities and Government Departments – see some of our case studies below:

Case Studies

Queensland Government - Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS)

The University of Queensland – 226kW School of Pharmacy

Queensland University of Technology – 237kW Kelvin Grove Campus

Australian Government – Outback Power Program

King's College -100kW

Scenic Rim – off-grid system

Off-Grid Solar - Mudgeacca Station – Boulia, QLD

Excel Lockers – 91kW

Hillbrook Anglican School – 91kW

Dewpoint Group - 34.5kW Grid Connect

Ascot Childcare & Kindy - 25 kW

QLD Aerospace College - 14.8kW Grid Connect