SOLAR HYBRIDS, as our name suggests, is highly experienced in the design and installation of off-grid and hybrid solar energy storage systems. In recent years, there has been an enormous flurry of new hybrid inverters and battery backup systems that have come on to the Australian market, most of which emanate from new overseas start-up companies, and very few of these products have been tried and tested in an off-grid solar location anywhere, let alone in our harsh Australian conditions.

Standards Australia as well as many other authorities in Australia are consequently concerned over the lack of regulations in our country for these new emerging technologies, and grave concerns currently exist over the safety of many of these new products.

SOLAR HYBRIDS shares these concerns, and as such, we are very reluctant to experiment with new off-grid or hybrid systems and technologies which have not been truly tried and tested over many years in our environment.

Therefore, all of our off-grid and grid connected hybrid systems comprise only the very best products and components utilising long-term tried and proven technologies. Safety is our number one priority, therefore selection of each component, right down to the finer details such as the solar PV mounting equipment and the rooftop DC isolators have been carefully considered.

For our off-grid solar inverters, we currently offer the world renown Australian made Selectronic range of hybrid inverter chargers for reliability, longevity, and peace of mind.

Founded in 1964, Selectronic Australia quickly established itself as a major manufacturer of custom made transformers and inductors for the local electronics industry. In 1981 the company’s electronics products division was established to meet a need for quality power conversion products in the emerging renewable energy market.

Driven by demand from the Solar industry and a passion for green energy, Selectronic Australia expanded its product offering. In 1994 the company produced one of the world’s first true sine wave inverters.

Selectronic Australia has grown through a philosophy of providing products and solutions that focus on the customer needs and today this second generation family company manufactures a world class range of highly innovative and functional interactive inverters. Using advanced technologies, Selectronic Australia’s products form the heart of efficient, cost effective storage based renewable energy systems including Solar Hybrid and Off Grid systems.

A grid connected Selectronic solar hybrid system gives you back control of your electricity bill. By appropriately balancing grid power with the available renewable energy and stored battery energy, the SP PRO minimises your electricity bill, and provides you with backup power in the event of a grid failure!

Relax & sleep easy, with a Selectronic Solar off-grid or Hybrid system designed and installed by the best people in the industry… SOLAR HYBRIDS.

It is important to note that many cheaper solar hybrid systems on the market do not operate during a grid outage. Other systems provide only a small amount of backup power during a grid outage, usually only supplying power to essential loads such as lighting. Many of these systems also require manual switching during a grid outage in order to supply the backup power; they are not autonomous.

Our Selectronic solar hybrid systems are fully autonomous however, and often we are able to custom design the system to supply continuous full power to the premises during a grid outage. We therefore have the capability of providing a true UPS battery backup solar hybrid system with sufficient battery power to easily power the premises autonomously for an indefinite period, providing there is sufficient sunshine each day during a prolonged outage.

The Selectronic inverter charger can also be integrated with a backup diesel generator for even more redundancy and autonomy if desired.

To download datasheets for the Selectronic SP PRO range of solar hybrid and standalone inverter chargers visit their website at for further information.

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