The Sustainability Committee for Hillbrook Anglican School has had a very busy year. When people hear the word ‘sustainability’ they often think of environmental resources, but it is so much more than that. As a school, Hillbrook Anglican School is guided by the concept of Four Pillars of Sustainability: cultural vibrancy, environmental responsibility, economic prosperity and social justice. By adopting a systems thinking, balanced mindset across their curriculum and school life, the school ensures sustainable action across these pillars.

To demonstrate just one of these actions, in the second half of 2016 the school commissioned SOLAR HYBRIDS to design and install a 90kW solar power system that could work in conjunction with the school’s already long standing 10kW system. A holistic approach was needed in order to overcome the technological challenges, as mandatory secondary network protection was needed to be incorporated in both the new and old solar systems. This was achieved via an Intellipro PLC with advanced communications in order to also provide the Level 2 protection to the old inverter which had limited functionality. A total of 318 x 285W high efficiency LG Solar panels were used in order to maximise available roof space on the chosen buildings.  2 x SMA 3-phase 25kW inverters plus 2 x SMA 3-phase 20kW inverters were used. These are German made inverters renowned for their reliability. A small portion of the array needed to be installed on tilt frames; these frames were constructed using the Australian made SunLock solar panel mounting system for superior strength and longevity.

The Solar Hybrids team designed the system, procured the components, and project-managed the build from start to finish, ensuring a successful implementation of the quality system within the tight timeframe of the Christmas holiday period. This solar installation adds to the school’s impressive barrage of sustainability measures and programs. If you would like to know more about the school, visit their website by clicking on the logo at the top.

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