An Off grid solar power system (also commonly referred to as a Standalone Power System), is a solar system which is not connected to an electricity grid, and is usually complemented by a diesel generator working harmoniously with the solar system and its associated battery bank. Simple off grid solar power systems require the user or operator to manually start the generator when the batteries are low or when the user requires more power to the loads, and such systems may also have a manual changeover switch. More sophisticated systems are more user friendly, allowing the system parameters to be programmed or ‘tailored’ to suit the desired needs of the user, allowing for a more autonomous system which automatically starts the generator when required. These types of systems keep your batteries maintained at all times, ensuring optimum performance, reliability and long battery life expectancy.

Our Off grid solar power systems solutions

At SOLAR HYBRIDS, many of our off grid solar customers are in the remote outback, living on farming homesteads or remote communities. System reliability, longevity and a high degree of autonomy are therefore critical elements in such systems, and as a result, we only offer the highest quality off-grid systems using only the highest quality proven equipment. This includes the award-winning Australian made Selectronic inverter / charger and German made Sonnenschein sealed gel batteries, the inventor of the sealed gel battery.

All of our off grid solar power systems come complete with superior on-line monitoring and early warning systems, meaning that you are not alone; we are able to access your system remotely in the event that you need technical support. We are able to troubleshoot, fine tune and change system parameters such as generator start periods, and even start your generator remotely if needed. We are experts in this field and can implement additional autonomous measures to your liking to enable the most sophisticated and worry-free system; we can even have the system call your phone with a message saying your generator is not starting, or is low on fuel- the possibilities are endless! Few solar companies can offer you that level of engineering support!!!

Off Grid Solar Power Gallery

Case Studies

Queensland Government - Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS)

The University of Queensland – 226kW School of Pharmacy

Queensland University of Technology – 237kW Kelvin Grove Campus

Australian Government – Outback Power Program

King's College -100kW

Scenic Rim – off-grid system

Off-Grid Solar - Mudgeacca Station – Boulia, QLD

Excel Lockers – 91kW

Hillbrook Anglican School – 91kW

Dewpoint Group - 34.5kW Grid Connect

Ascot Childcare & Kindy - 25 kW

QLD Aerospace College - 14.8kW Grid Connect