Yes, and we have helped some of our clients go off grid permanently. Much consideration is needed here however. Although many of our solar hybrid systems we design are capable of completely avoiding grid power during optimum weather conditions, we all know that mother nature can sometimes give us 10 or more consecutive rainy or cloudy days. Under such conditions, you will need either the grid or a diesel generator to top up the batteries and continue supplying power to your loads. A completely off-grid system without a diesel generator is currently impractical, and if you live in suburbia, your neighbours will not be too impressed with your noisy smelly generator running every time there are long periods of rain. If you live on acreage however, then this may not be a problem – contact us for a quote today. From an economical viewpoint however, the cost of purchasing and running a diesel generator is far more expensive than simply continuing to pay for the grid connection that you may only use from time to time – but that is quickly changing however!