A Solar Hybrid system, also known as a Hybrid Solar system, is a modern Solar Power system that is connected to an electricity grid as well as a battery bank. It therefore has the capability to produce energy from the sun and store some or all of that energy for use at a later period, typically when there is no sunshine. This enables the system owner to maximise the use of the available solar energy from the solar panels, rather exporting unused solar energy to the grid (often for very little financial compensation). It can also be used for other useful features such demand peak lopping, grid support, and battery backup power during a black out (not all systems can provide these functions however). The system combines several elements (Solar panels, a battery or batteries, and the grid) to produce and store energy to power your home or business. Sophisticated solar hybrid systems are fully programmable and have an intelligent management system that balances battery levels, power usage and grid back up without any input from the system owner. For further information see our Solar Hybrid page.