Where battery backup during a grid outage is not critical, but where our customers still want to save more on their electricity bill by using more of their solar generation instead of wasting or selling it to the grid at a low buyback tariff, SOLAR HYBRIDS recommends Enphase AC batteries.

The high-performance Enphase energy storage solution brings you more intelligence and better value than anything else, with the industry’s lowest cost of entry and best lifetime value. It pairs seamlessly with Enphase microinverters and other solar inverters to help you make the most of your energy.

Lower upfront costs

  • More affordable than other storage options
  • Simple installation keeps extra costs low
  • Modular for a solution that’s exactly what you need

Higher performance

  • 96% round-trip efficiency
  • 2 cycles per day for twice the value and faster payback
  • Most usable capacity (>95% D.O.D.)

Greater reliability

  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry from Eliiy Power for long cycle life
  • Minimum 10-year expected life
  • No single point of failure


  • Prismatic cells from Eliiy Power are highly stable over time
  • Safety certified by TUV Rheinland
  • No high-voltage DC in system

Enphase AC Battery

The Enphase AC Battery is an integrated energy storage system that delivers high performance, superior reliability, modular architecture and safety.

  • Capacity: 1.2 kWh
  • Depth of discharge: 100%
  • Roundtrip cell efficiency: 96%
  • Peak output power: 270 VA
  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
  • Cell safety certifications: TUV Rheinland, UL

Click here to download the Enphase AC Battery datasheet for technical specifications.

To learn more about Enphase AC batteries & microinverters visit their website at www.enphase.com/en-au

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