SOLAR HYBRIDS offers a small variety of brands of solar panels to our customers, but the brand we always recommend as the best value for money is LG.

Although undoubtedly the initial cost of LG solar modules may be considerably higher than many other less-known brands, the long-term myriad of advantages that come with the trusted LG brand easily justifies the initial extra investment. In many cases, a cheaper brand solar panel may ultimately result in a false economy. There are many documented reasons why LG Solar panels are a great choice, especially for commercial solar projects where the investment is for the long term, but here are just some of the main reasons why SOLAR HYBRIDS highly recommends LG:

  • Yearly degradation of the LG modules is lower than any other module on the Australian market, ensuring a much higher yield over the 25-year warranted life of the system.
  • Panel performance aspects of the LG warranty is higher than any other module on the Australian market, and is a real warranty that can be trusted to be honoured if ever needed.
  • LG solar modules are amongst the most efficient and compact in the world, enabling a higher wattage system on any given available roof space (important for our clients who wish to maximise on all their available roof space).
  • LG is a long-established organisation, is financially larger and stronger than any other solar panel manufacturer in the world, is a trusted household name synonymous with quality, and has superior local technical support if ever required.

For further information and technical specifications of LG solar panels, visit their website at: or watch the LG Solar video below: