The Battery Booster Program Rebate Scheme is an initiative under the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. The Scheme aims to encourage Queensland homeowners to install approved battery systems and manage their energy consumption by offering rebates to offset the costs associated with investing in a battery energy storage system.

Solar Hybrids is proud to be a part of the Battery Booster Program launched by the Qld Government and has recently become an approved installer under the scheme.

The main eligibility requirement for the battery booster program is a household income under $180,000 and a min 6kWh battery. The standard rebate is $3,000. As always there are conditions around eligibility and approval. For further information you can find the guidelines around the scheme in this document.

For years now the cost to have a solar system with home storage (batteries) made little financial sense with, payback periods greater than 10 years. With recent drops in battery prices and along with this rebate you can see a payback period for a full hybrid system down around 5 years.

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